Office Furniture

We design, manufacture and fit all your Office & Board Room Furniture



At Tockwith Interiors Ltd we understand that offices can be dull and depressing at times, that’s were we step in to assist you on creating an innovative design to make your work place a happy environment, to keep those minds creative.

Working together, we will create the perfect office for you and your staff. We Design, Manufacture and Fit everything from Board Room Tables to Doors you walk through to get in there.



So whether you require a freshen up to keep your office a happy working environment or you need a stylish new board room to impress your clients with, we are always there to help.

Here at Tockwith Interiors, We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and offer only the highest standard of Office Furniture.

Please Contact us if you require a quote or any further information.

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The Stephenson’s