Tockwith Interiors offer a range of fitted and handmade kitchens





Kitchens are no longer just a place for cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes; they are now a place for socialising, entertaining and hosting those special moments that we share with our nearest and dearest.





Here at Tockwith Interiors Ltd we design, manufacture and fit all of our kitchens to your every need and we offer an extensive variety of styles and finishes, enabling you to have a kitchen completely bespoke to your home.


Every kitchen we create in our workshop is to be tailor made to your requirements and you get to choose;

  • The style, shape and size of your cabinets.
  • The materials we use to make them.
  • The style and finish of your doors and drawers
  • The Runners, hinges and handles.
  • Integrated or freestanding appliances from all the top brands.
  • The Sinks and taps.
  • The Worktops including Granite, Solid hardwood and other solid surface materials.
  • Any Cabinet Accessories such as pull-outs, spice racks, wicker baskets etc.





Whether it’s a modern, contemporary or traditional kitchen that you’re looking for – We offer the finest craftsmanship allowing you to get your dream kitchen.

Please Contact us if you require a quote or any further information.

Many thanks,

The Stephenson’s